Promotions Rules

Promotions Rules

If you use Momensity10 or any of Momensity LLC.’s other products or services as part of any type of promotion, contest, or sweepstakes (all referred to here as a “Promotion”), you are responsible for ensuring that your Promotion complies with all legal requirements. This includes writing the official rules, terms, and eligibility requirements, and complying with marketing regulations. Legal requirements for Promotions can vary from place to place, so please work with a lawyer or other expert to ensure you won’t violate any applicable laws. Momensity LLC. is not responsible or liable to you in any way if you use any of Momensity LLC.’s products or services as part of your Promotion.

In addition, please adhere to the following rules.


  • Make it easy to get involved with clear and simple instructions;
  • Provide official rules for your Promotion;
  • Expressly state in your Promotion official rules that each entrant or participant completely releases Momensity LLC. from all claims based on, related to, or arising from the Promotion;
  • Expressly state in your Promotion official rules, and make clear through the presentation of your Promotion, that your Promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with, Momensity LLC.;
  • Follow all of our other community and usage guidelines, including Momensity LLC.’s Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, and Privacy Policy.


  • Use any of our products’ or services’ names, trademarks, logos or other intellectual property except as necessary to comply with these Promotions Rules
  • Encourage illegal or illicit behavior
  • Encourage spammy behavior, such as asking participants to send Snaps to friends

Violate or encourage others to violate our Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, or Privacy Policy.



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